About Us

The Jumbo Jumper™ offers BIG TIME FUN for kids and adults alike. An inflatable surface that can be nearly 100-feet long, it’s a jumping experience unlike any other and is becoming one of the fastest-growing attractions at outdoor destinations. With long-time success at campgrounds, RV parks, day camps, resorts, agritourism farms, and schools, giant air pillows provide a fun and safe fitness activity that is becoming increasing popular. In 2005, giant air pillows began popping up at farms and corn mazes around the world, and they now have guests jumping for joy at hundreds of agritourism destinations. “The giant air pillow was immediately a huge hit with kids of all ages and it continues to be the most popular activity on our farm," said Larry Emerson of Dewberry Farm.

Donald Courville from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found the same response at his farm. “We weren't certain the pillow would be a necessary addition to our farm, but after just one year we knew that we could never go back to not having it! Our customers love it and it‘s been a great source of added revenue for us.”

With 13 years of experience in installing 600+ giant air pillows for many happy clients, our team at Jumbo Jumper provides the Jumbo Jumper giant air pillow which is the best quality, service, and price in the marketplace. Jumbo Jumper also operates 2 giant air pillows with more than 1,000,000  customers that have jumped on the air pillows. This gives us impeccable first-hand experience over other suppliers.


Safety is always first as we have added new safety features to help ensure an amazing experience for your jumping guests. Jumbo Jumper stands behind its product 100% with the best warranties in the business and look forward to the opportunity to work with you in bringing this amazing Jumbo Jumper giant air pillow attraction to your customers.