Agritourism and the Jumping Pillow

The days of yesteryear, where farms were not only self-sustaining but often profitable, are over. Farming has been converted from a family business to an industry that produces en masse and transports its production all across the country and even the world. Because of this, the small farm has to compete not only with its neighbor, but with everyone. This new agricultural archetype limits the small-town farmer and has all but erased the cultural identity of the self-sustaining community.


In recent years, the livelihood of farming communities has become subsidized by an influx of local awareness and enthusiasm. People want to buy local. They want to support the community. And they want to purchase and eat fresh, quality ingredients that are grown from the ground and not in a laboratory. Organic and locally grown fruits, vegetables, meat, and grains not only find their way onto the tables of families but also in local grocery stores and restaurants. But is this enough to the local farmer?


In addition to Farmer’s Markets, local contracts, and national re-selling, farmers must often seek for additional income either to expand or simply maintain their farm and way of life. In order to keep pace in a world that is overly-industrialized, many farmers participate in what is being called Agritourism.


Agritourism is the idea that farms can be used not only for production but also as a means of entertainment and a place for the public to visit for recreational use or a getaway to the country. This exciting industry offers a variety of opportunities for those passing through to spend time on and enjoy local farms. Some popular attractions include allowing others to hand-pick their own fruits and vegetables, providing tractor/hay rides, running a bed and breakfast, designing and running a corn maze, hosting an annual pumpkin carving competition, having a cow milking class, or showing the cheese-making process. Depending on the speciality and the availability of the farm, there are almost endless options for creating Agritourism at a farm.


One of the most effective and enjoyable opportunities afforded farmers is to install an attraction in addition to the mainstay farming options. One of the best and most successful of these attractions is the Jumping Pillow. The Jumbo Jumper Jumping Pillow has been installed at farms and amusement parks all over the United States, Canada, and in numerous countries all over the world. What makes the Jumping Pillow so great is that it provides safe, family fun that can be easily monitored, monetized, and maintained.


Here is a video of a Jumping Pillow installed by Jumbo Jumper at Thistleberry Farm.



Saunder's Farm said of their Jumbo Jumper Jumping Pillow:


















The ‘Pillows’ have been a great addition to our farm attraction. Dealing with [the Jumbo Jumper] team has been a pleasure. They are very knowledgeable and professional and deliver on time and in budget. Instantly the ‘Pillows’ were among our most popular attractions. Our guests of all ages and sizes love to bounce. We have discovered new revenue streams as well, using the pillows at times we would normally be closed. Our brides and grooms from our weddings use the pillows for spontaneous photos and we run fitness classes in the early morning and early evening on the pillows.


The Jumbo Jumper Jumping Pillow comes with either a three or five-year warranty depending on which pillow is installed. It also comes with a seven-day timer so that the Jumping Pillow will automatically inflate and deflate during off-hours as well as during the off-season for automated, routine maintenance. In addition to its ease of use, the Jumping Pillow is customizable and the farm’s logo can be added for no additional cost.


The Jumbo Jumper Jumping Pillow also features industry-leading safety measures. This not only makes it very affordable to insure, but it also protects the jumpers and the farm.


The versatility and reliability of the Jumping Pillow provides an exciting and profitable attraction to the Agritourism industry. In fact, most farms see a return on investment in the very first year of running their Jumping Pillow, not to mention how many return visitors, word-of-mouth referrals, and increased participation in other events are received by the farm.


Agritourism is the perfect addition to any farm that wants to do more than just get by. It is fun and locally-oriented, which does much more than just provide increased revenue to the farm, but it strengthens the community as well. So why not look into creating a corn maze, setting up a pumpkin carving competition, and installing a Jumbo Jumper? The return of the farm is on its way, make sure to be a part of it.


Nathan Roach

photo credit: Ian Sane