Jumbo Jumper Attraction

Imagine a giant pillow. Now imagine jumping on it with lots of other people. That sounds like so much fun! Well it really is. And it is all possible with the air pillow from Jumbo Jumper™.


What is it? The air pillow is a large inflatable pillow for jumping on. Sounds simple, but man is it fun! There are several sizes that we offer for any event. Small to large, we have what you need. It is half buried in the ground with sand edges, making it semi-permanent.


Why do you need an air pillow at your next event? For one, it is the number one attraction at events where it is installed. It is fun for all ages. The air pillow is not just for little kids, but for teenagers and adults as well. The air pillow is great for fun fairs, campgrounds, resorts, and schools. Kids love it because they are able to jump up and down without going too high like on a trampoline.


Is it safe? Yes they are safe as long as jumpers follow the specific guidelines that are given. We have safety language and images on the air pillow to allow employees to manage and warn participants to prevent potential injuries. We have worked closely with previous clients and insurance agents to make these new safety features. We also train the owner on daily maintenance and operation so that safety is always first. We have an experienced team as we are the only air pillow company that operates its own pillows.


If you are looking for an attraction at your next event that everyone will love, and that is safe, look no further than Jumbo Jumper. We provide everything you need to make your new air pillow a success with the crowds.