Buy an Inflatable Jumper

Monkey bars. Swing sets. These are great to have in any park, but if you want to make a park more fun and original, Jumbo Jumper is the way to go.


Jumbo Jumper, home of the best air pillow equipment, makes the park more attractive for any age. Jumbo Jumper offers fun, commercial inflatable jumpers that come in different colors and sizes:


Size 5: 34.77’ X 47.83’ (5 panels)

Size 6: 34.77’ X 57.5’ (6 panels)

Size 7: 34.77’ X 67.17’’ (7 panels)

Size 8: 34.77’ X 76.17’ (8 panels)


Orange, yellow, green, and red! Jumping on the bright colors is always fun. You can arrange different colors to create your own commercial, inflatable jumpers.


If you want your Jumbo Jumper air pillow to last for a long time, take steps to protect it from UV light, mold, and abrasion. Avoid contact with water and shoes. We also provide maintenance services. We offer off-season cover to protect your commercial, inflatable jumper to last for a long time. You can also purchase a repair kit to do minor repairs yourself.


Commercial inflatable jumpers include UV protectant, a 20-year lifetime anchor system, and an owner’s manual. Jumbo Jumper offers three different warranty plans for each size: Standard air pillow (3-year warranty), Premium UV Enhanced air pillow (5-year warranty), and Anti-Slip/Fire Retardant air pillow (5-year Warranty).

Safety is the first priority at the Jumbo Jumper. We provide a detailed manual that thoroughly describes how to manage commercial, inflatable jumpers. We also offer safety language limits where you can put bright safety signs around the jumpers. Jumbo Jumper wants everyone to have fun in a safe environment. If you have further questions about the safety instruction, you can click here for more information. Now, come get your first commercial, inflatable jumpers to make your park more fun and original!