Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow buying tips

BUYING TIPS from the Experts

Deciding which Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow canvas option to go with really depends on: months open, regional UV exposure,  off-season maintenance, and local government codes. 

Two Canvas Options:

■ Standard Jumbo Jumper™ canvas recommended for venues with 2 month or less of use with proper off-season maintenance. This material has been used by us for the last 3 years while we were sales representatives for jumping pillows and it has performed very well.

Premium UV/Anti-Slip/Fire Retardant enhanced Jumbo Jumper™ canvas recommended for venues open for 2 to 12 months a year. Some regional codes require (NJ and ONT requires fire retardant canvas). Recommended Best Value Longest Life!​ 

           If located in a very hot/sunny area the Premium UV enhanced Jumbo Jumper canvas is a must as the  

                manufacturer has stated it will have 30-40% more resistance to UV.​

Optional Upgrades:


 All seasonal businesses should use our "Industry First air pillow Cover" in the off-season to extend lifespan. Covering the air pillow for 1 or 2 months can reduce the UV exposure as some geographical areas have a higher UV exposure during winter months than summer months. Even if Jumbo Jumper ™ is not operated for 2 - 3 months, it is highly recommended to be covered.

Variable speed motor upgrade can regulate the firmness which equates to the amount of bounce participants receive on each jump or bounce. This variable speed motor is the result of our first-hand operational experience and can allow incremental regulation of the air pressure in the air pillow. The motor and blower system can be used on any Jumping Pillow®, Kangaroo Jumper, Big Bouncer, or DIY Inflatable. Please consult with us on increasing the safety of your existing attraction. The variable speed motor was conceptualized first by the Jumbo Jumper™ team and Jack Coleman, owner of Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Pennsylvania.

■ This Industry-first height grouping sign helps manage and divide groups according to height to prevent larger participants to jump at the same time as smaller participants. It is recommended to have one of these at the beginning of the queue line and one at the entrance to the air pillow to allow customers to choose the correct queue line according to their height. (one height sign included)

■ Our Industry-first fence safety rules sign emphasizes crucial safety rules for customers to obey while participating.  Signs are large and colorful and can be used for any existing air pillow. These signs help educate customers about enforced rules before arriving at the entrance gate. (available as a package of 7)

Other Tips:​​​

 Lighter colors absorb less UV heat and are recommended for venues open during summer months and southern states. Yellow and Orange are lighter and absorb less UV heat.
■ The key to a long lasting Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow is to protect it from UV, mold, and abrasion.  UV rays, standing water, participants with shoes, abrasive sand, and other natural elements can lessen the life of the Jumbo Jumper air pillow.  Following the Jumbo Jumper's unique operational and off-season management practices is key to making this investment long lasting and keeping the warranty in affect.