Custom Color Options

There are five standard color choices of any combination with the Jumbo Jumper™ giant air pillow.  These colors are lighter color shades to prevent canvas from getting too hot during high temperature days. Most popular colors offered are orange, green, yellow, blue and red.  A few other color options are available in the standard material option of the Jumbo Jumper air pillow, please inquire if interested. Below are the most popular color combinations according to our previous 12 years of sales history as a Jumping Pillow® and Kangaroo Jumper sales representative with more than 600 happy clients to date.
Selecting the best colors for your area is crucial for your customers satisfaction. Lighter colors like yellow and orange are better for venues operating during hot summer months unless covered with a shade structure.  Darker colors absorb more UV heat during the peak day time temperatures. Please consult with our experienced team to select what is best for your area.

Popular Color Combinations

Any color combination can be chosen to customize your air pillow's captivating curb appeal and attract customers.

Popcorn Jumper

Candy Corn Jumper 

Blossom Jumper

Corn Jumper

Pumpkin Jumper

Spring Jumper

Apple Jumper

Candy Jumper

Blue Candy Jumper
Summer Jumper

Fall Jumper

Blue Sea Jumper


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