Commercial Jumbo Jumper air pillow

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Commercial air pillow From Jumbo Jumper


1. It will be the #1 attraction at your event. Visitors love the air pillow and it brings them back. This gives you a great attraction, but it also means added revenue from ticket sales. The air pillow is great fun for all ages. We have had a great track record in terms of success at places like RV Parks, day camps, schools, and events.


2. We have experience. Here at Jumbo Jumper we have installed 200+ air pillows and even operate a few pillows ourselves. This means that we have awesome first hand training, more than any other commercial air pillow.


3. Safety is our first priority. Because of our great first-hand experience with operating an air pillow, we have worked with insurance companies and others to create safety measures. We want your visitors to have fun on this attraction and your operators to know all of the safety requirements. We provide you with a detailed owners manual.


4. We have the best warranty in the business. We offer a 3-year or 5-year warranty, depending on which air pillow you purchase. We back our product and our warranty 100%.


5. Custom, Custom, Custom. Included in the price of the air pillow, you can add a custom logo. You also have the option of choosing custom colors for your commercial air pillow and even choosing a custom size if desired.


At Jumbo Jumper, we believe that an air pillow is more than just for jumping on. Safety, warranty, custom designs, and experience are all important to you and your visitors. But don’t let safety concerns get you down, after all, the commercial air pillow is the most fun your visitors will have.