Commercial Jumpers

At Jumbo Jumper, we pride ourselves on having the best commercial inflatables on the market. Our commercial inflatables are a great addition to any large commercial property that you might have. Our jumpers are made from the highest quality materials and are extremely eco-friendly as well as family friendly. Not only are our commercial inflatables expertly made, but they’re also customizable to fit whatever your specific size requirements.


What makes our commercial inflatables special are the many features that go along with each of our jumpers. Our most important feature is the three to five year pro-rated warranties that come with all of our commercial jumpers. These warranties allow you the freedom to select what is the most important to you and your business. We understand that peace of mind is absolutely priceless and with a Jumbo Jumper commercial inflatable it’s included.


Our commercial inflatables are completely customizable depending on your needs. We allow you to customize the size and shape to fit your space so you can make the most of your location. Not only do our inflatables have customizable sizes, but we also give you the freedom to customize your color scheme. We understand that certain locations have local college colors or a specific theme associated with their business. We make sure that your commercial inflatable is the best color to suit your location’s specific needs.

So whether you’re using these inflatables to attract a younger clientele, or you’re using them for your new high energy aerobics class, be sure to turn to Jumbo Jumpers for your commercial inflatables. We treat our clients with a high level of respect, and we make sure that we safely install your commercial inflatable as well as get you the colors and sizes you need. At Jumbo Jumpers we know how important our customers are.