Check Gravel/Sand Levels

Be sure to check your pea gravel/sand level. Through the winter months the pea gravel or sand can settle and you may need to fill it in. It should be 5 inches minimum above the air pillow edges and edges should never be exposed. Once your air pillow is inflated it is always good to double-check the height of the air pillow. Optimum height should be between 30” and 48”.


Over time your air pillow will become dirty. When cleaning your air pillow, use a citrus-based cleaner with a rag or mop. We recommend using a good UV coating such as 303 Aerospace Protectant to help rejuvenate your pillow, it is a great product to help restore and protect against UV rays. It should take about one gallon per pillow as long as you spread it out. (You can buy this cleaner off of Amazon search “303 protectant aerospace gallon”. If you wish to use a pressure washer, be very cautious to not spray ANY CLOSER than 12 inches from the air pillow. Spraying too close will strip the outside membrane off and thin the lining of the air pillow.

For more frequent maintenance and germ disinfectant, below is the link to a product most frequently used for cleaning wrestling mats, bounce houses, etc. which we believe would be a great option for germ-control use on our pillows.


Safety Signs

Now that the air pillow has been checked for safety hazards and looking good, don’t forget the finishing touch...the Jumbo Jumper™Signs. Make sure to post them in a visible location where everyone can see them as they enter the air pillow area. If you have more than one air pillow, it might be good to have one sign posted near each of them. Jumbo Jumper™ signs are available to purchase through the online shopping cart at



Audio System 

Is your audio system working and in order?  It is always good to double check and make sure your portable microphone and/or megaphone are functioning properly. There are pre-recorded rules and music that is timed for a 5 or 7 minute jumping session, other custom recordings or timed music can be purchased upon request. Sample recordings can be found at




Management at the Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow is vital to your business, especially on those busy days. Make sure to have good quality employees that have great customer service, but can also enforce the rules effectively. If rules are enforced, accidents are reduced. Please refer to Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow Owners Manual for additional Checklists & Employee Log books. You can find the Owner Manual at and use jumpjump for the password. 



Off Season Care

Care for your Jumbo Jumper™ in the off season is crucial to making it last. In the off season covering it is the best way to make it last longer. We have covers that are 90% shade cloth with eyelets every two feet. These have been made to fit your pillow and work really well. You can find them at and they cost between $700 to $900 depending on the size. We highly recommend something like the 90% shade cloth for the reason of letting it breathe as well as keeping the air off of them. When they get wet bacteria grows on them and that will break down the UV protectant seal which will then break down the jumper. Letting it breathe is a great way to combat that. 



Need a new Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow?

If you are in need of an additional Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow to help reduce lines, better separate your guests by size, or simply to upgrade from an old air pillow that is ready to be replaced, please let us know. 


These maintenance items will help to ensure the highest safety procedures to help reduce accidents and protect your customers as well as your Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow.


If you have any questions feel free to give us a call, we are happy to help.

Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow made in the united states

Brett and his team operate with complete integrity and they CARE! In 2007-2008 we purchased 2 giant air pillows from a competitor (which was installed by them as well), and we were very dissatisfied.  We called on Brett’s team to re-install the one Jumping Pillow®, (which had been installed wrong). The other pillow only lasted four years , much less than the competitor told us.  So in 2011 we purchased a replacement from Brett and have been very satisfied.  We highly recommend doing business with Brett and his Jumbo Jumper team.

Jack Coleman
Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
Paradise, Pa  17572


Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow made in the united states