Any sized giant air pillow canvas can be manufactured to fit your custom needs. Custom sizes are essential if needing to replace an old Big Bouncer, Jumping Pillow®​, Kangaroo Jumper, or DIY Inflatable, even if not purchased from us or if you just want to fit a new one in a hard-to-fit location. The material product used for the Jumbo Jumper™ is superior to competitors​. The canvas is a heavy duty 28-ounce material with exceptional UV resistance, manufactured just for Jumbo Jumper by Sioen Industries in Belgium. The Jumbo Jumper canvas is welded together in the United States with an extra-wide HF heat weld to ensure all seams are strong and will not tear apart. 

Don't let your existing Big Bouncer, Jumping Pillow®, Kangaroo Jumper, or DIY Inflatable fail you during the middle of the season as your customers will be disappointed. Measure the exposed area of existing giant air pillow surface and a custom size will be produced to your specifications, with a personal custom logo included. There is some inventory on hand at all times.

Replacement cost of a new giant air pillow is approximately 35% less than the listed retail price shown on the pricing page for a completely new purchase. Bid is required for final quote.​​

Contact us HERE and get a bid for your custom sized giant air pillow. Shipping can usually take place within 2-4 business days for urgent orders.
Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow
Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow ruler