Enjoy our Jumbo Jumper air pillows

Do you like trampolines and/or bounce houses? Then you are going to like Jumbo Jumper air pillows. But what is the difference between a Jumbo Jumper and a bounce house, what makes Jumbo Jumper better?


A Jumbo Jumper is an inflatable surface that you bounce on. It’s essentially a bounce house minus the house part. It’s open and airy, so it doesn’t get hot like bounce houses. Jumbo Jumpers are more spacious than bounce houses allowing those who are bouncing to have more area which results in less collisions and potential injuries.


Our Jumbo Jumpers come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and colors. Each finish is best for a different climate and heat exposure. A Jumbo Jumper can stay up all year long and will stay in tip top shape if you get the right finish. We have extra safety features which set us apart from other sellers and bounce houses. We have some of the best warranties in the industry, not to mention the manufacturers insurance it comes with.


Jumbo Jumpers are customizable to the area they will be located in. They can match your logo or the style of your facilities. You can also get different colors that are more likely to stay cool when it’s hot outside.


Jumbo Jumpers are an investment that just keeps on paying off throughout the years. Everyone, both old and young, love Jumbo Jumpers. One of the best features about the Jumbo Jumper is adults can bounce on them, whereas some bounce houses they cannot.

We have over a decade of experience with air pillows and inflatable jumpers. Not only do we sell air pillows, we use them and know firsthand how great they are. So whether you have a corn maze, farm, or a campground, check out our different Jumbo Jumper options!