Looking for Giant Inflatable Jumpers?

If you are the owner or operator of an RV park, a membership campground, corn maze, pumpkin patch, or a large event planner for communities, schools, or businesses have you ever considered purchasing an inflatable jumper for your attraction or events? Inflatable jumpers are an excellent way to attract newcomers and entertain guests. Here are three reasons why you should consider purchasing an inflatable jumper from Jumbo Jumper.


First of all, inflatable jumpers are incredibly fun! Even the most miserly adult can feel like a kid when they’re jumping on one of these babies. Who doesn’t love jumping on a bed? Now just picture yourself jumping on a giant bed, as in a 35 foot by 96 foot bed. Inflatable jumpers are a great way for guests to get exercise and keep the kids busy.


Second, inflatable jumpers are not only a fun attraction, but they are also safe. All of our inflatables come with a stand-up rules and regulations sign, they also have the rules printed on the canvas to ensure a fun and safe experience for all guests. Unlike bounce houses that can collapse on the sides and smother people, our inflatable air pillows are flat and spacious with plenty of room for up to 40 people (depending on the size of the jumper and the size of the people).


Third, all of our inflatable jumpers are built to last and come with at least a three to five year warranty. When you buy an inflatable jumper from Jumbo Jumpers, you can be assured that you will get a real bang for your buck year after year. Plus, once your original canvas starts wearing out, we can replace it for you for just a percentage of the original cost.

Inflatable jumpers can be a super fun and safe attraction for your event. Typically our jumpers are rated the best attraction once they are installed at a given event. Kids and adults alike love  the thrill of jumping on these giant air pillows. Don’t you think it’s time you considered ordering an inflatable jumper for your event?