Industry Leading Features

After 14 years of experience and entertaining over 1,000,000 visitors with our
2 air pillow jumpers at the farm, the following new features have been
introduced to the industry to increase safety and longevity.

■ First to comply to New Jersey's rigorous standards (Stamped Engineered blueprints)

 Impeccable customer service

Free custom logo on air pillow surface

■ New industry standard rules on air pillow surface
■ 7-day timer (for in season and off season use)
■ Heavy-duty off-season cover
■ Mandatory weight  & height limits
■ On site training on installation day
■ Daily operational log book
■ New extensive owner's manual
■ Seasonal opening/closing instructions/checklists
■ Variable speed motor (controls the firmness or bounce)
■ Mandatory communication system supplied with pre-recorded rules
​■ Only supplier that owns and operates 3 air pillows (over a 1/2 million jumpers to date)
■ 8-foot fall zone minimum requirement​

■ 1 aluminum height sign (24" by 48")
■ 1 large aluminum safety rules signs (24" by 36")
■ 3-5-year warranty
■ In-house financing (ask how we can help finance your new attraction)
■ Unique 20-year lifetime anchor system

■ Soft sand cushion under air pillow canvas (no standing water while deflated)​

Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow ribbon