Jumbo Jumper air pillows!

What is a Jumbo Jumper™? It’s a huge inflatable toy for kids to enjoy, but in reality it’s for everyone to enjoy! Remember when mom used to tell you not to jump on the bed, this makes you feel like you are breaking all the rules, but you’re not! It’s a big air pillow that makes you feel like a kid again!


You can purchase a Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow so you don’t have to keep renting bounce houses, this can become costly and a hassle. Renting those bounce houses continually can burn a hole in your pocket, but with the Jumbo Jumpers it’s a one-time payment. Our Jumbo Jumper™ air pillows come in four different sizes to fit your venue area and if needed we can customize a Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow to fit your space. The pricing varies for each air pillow according to size as well as the two different features. The two different features are the Standard air pillow, and the Premium UV Anti-slip air pillow. Each feature is good for different environments.


Along with the many sizes available we have many different color variations. There are four colors used to personalize your Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow: red, yellow, orange, and green. But choosing the right colors for you air pillow is more than just for curb appeal. Certain colors are better for different climates. You can also customize your air pillow by getting your name on two sides of the pillow.


Each one of the Jumbo Jumpers has a warranty ranging from 3-5 years depending on which of the two features you decide upon. However, if you decide you want to do self-installation then the warranty may be voided.

These Jumbo Jumper air pillows are great inflatable toys for kids and adults alike. All you need to do is decide what size, features and colors are best for your venue!