Jumping air pillows

Remember going to the fair in the summer? What about the corn maze in the fall? All around the world farms are bustling with crowds of people, all eager to have a fun filled experience. Its common to go to the farm and expect some good food, activity booths, petting zoo’s, and gift shops. While all of these things are fun, wouldn’t it be great if you could add an extra attraction to the list? Something that would really have guests leaving with a smile on their faces and feeling satisfied with their experience?


Nothing will make your guests laugh more or have them leaving happier than a jumping pillow! The jumping pillow is a safe and fun way to spruce up the farm and give the guests something new to look forward to. Jumping pillows have quickly become the most popular activity found at farms. Here at Jumbo Jumper we create quality jumping pillows designed to bring big time fun to your farm. Jumping pillows provide guests with a fun and safe recreational activity. Jumping pillows have become a huge hit with kids of all ages. Unlike most bounce houses and trampolines, this attraction is family friendly! Adults can and are encouraged to join in on the fun with the safe jumping pillow. With various size and assorted color options, farm owners can customize their jumping pillow to fit their wants and needs.


Adding a jumping pillow to your farm is quick and easy. The Jumbo Jumper jumping pillow comes with installation instructions or the option to have the Jumbo Jumper team install your jumping pillow for you. With a three year warranty, a detailed owners manual, and only the highest quality materials, your jumping pillow is ready to provide fun-filled days and nights for years to come!