Buying/Installing Process

1. Site Selection

It's called the Jumbo Jumper™ for a reason.  It's BIG! It's COLORFUL! It's FUN! We recommend a minimum 8-foot border around the perimeter of the Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow consisting of sand or preferably pea gravel. 

2. Placing an Order

Ordering, printing custom logos, and shipping can take time, be sure to order in advance.  We always try our best to expedite the process, but we recommend ordering at least 4 weeks in advance. Remember, the Jumbo Jumper™ is the most customizable air pillow on the market so you will need to be ready to choose your color scheme and size along with providing your logo in vector format.  Shipping and installation are not included in the base price and a half deposit will be required upon ordering. We do accept all major credit cards or check.

3. Installation Process

4. First-Hand Training

​The Jumbo Jumper™ is a semi-permanent installation but does not require any permanent concrete footing or structures. The Jumbo Jumper can be re-located and would consist of 12-18 man hours to remove and relocate to new location. There will be an additional $200 -$500 of extra hardware cost. Selecting a site to allow for future attractions and potentially a second or third air pillow is important to consider in the long term plans. Owner will be responsible for any permits or local authority approval for the installation and/or operation of the air pillow as an attraction at any specific venue.

Self Installation

​If self installation is chosen, detailed step by step instructions will be emailed and phone support will be provided during the process at no extra cost. Self installation is simple but there are some extremely crucial steps to maintain proper height as a couple inches of variation can result in an extra 12-18 inches in extra height and steep sides of the completed Jumbo Jumper which increases safety concerns. Warranty will be included, as long as pictures are provided post install to ensure proper installation. Warranty will not be included with no pictures are provided post installation. 

​Professional Installation

​We recommend the Jumbo Jumper be installed by trained professionals.  The installation process typically takes a half to full day.  One to two trained Jumbo Jumper employees will perform the installation.  The following will need to be provided:

■ A few pre-installation requirements will be required before the day of installation. (Instructions will be emailed)

■ Blue Stakes or a local utility locator must be called and the installation site marked for any underground utilities 4 days     prior to installation.

 Mini-Excavator with an 18" wide bucket and operator must be hired for 3-8 hours (depending on digging conditions)           the day of installation. Please no digging prior to day of excavation.

20 -35 tons of sand or preferably pea gravel (1/2" minus smooth rounded) are required depending on the size of air             pillow and size of the soft landing area.

110 Volt / 15 amp power source is required (motor only requires 4 continuous amps)

■ 2 Shovels, sawzall with sharp wood blade,  and 1 rake

■ Other small tools will be requested to assist installers via emailed pre-installation instructions.

Owner will be required to build a fence and provide sand or preferably pea gravel for soft landing area after installation and then the final soft landing area will be groomed and completed by owner. Once fence is in place final power location will be determined and motor will be permanently placed with enclosure and cement pad by owner.

Once Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow is installed owner must be present to be trained on daily maintenance and operations so "Safety is Always First".  Installer(s) will instruct on how to safely operate the Jumbo Jumper™ air pillow, as well as how to best maintain the Jumbo Jumper™ during the off season.  With this being the only air pillow company in the market that actually owns and operates Two air pillows, our installer(s) will share with you some very valuable knowledge from first-hand operational experience.  As a reference, a detailed owners manual will be provided that includes a daily operational log book.

5. Long Life Maintenence 

Maintaining your Jumbo Jumper™ starts with protecting it from UV exposure when not in use.  Buying an off season cover is highly recommended.  Making sure no footwear is worn while jumping and keeping sand or preferably pea gravel levels at a minimum of 5" deep against air pillow edge are a few simple, yet effective ways to increase the safety and longevity of your air pillow.  A timer will also be included to help aerate the air pillow in the off season automatically and make it easier to manage during the season.