Party Ideas


Outdoor parties are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Jumbo Jumper, home of the best air pillow equipment, makes parties more fun. The commercial inflatable jumpers come in different colors and sizes. The Jumbo Jumper is an excellent addition to outdoor parties such as superman or princess themed-parties.


Superman themed-party ideas


When you jump on the air pillow Jumbo Jumper, you feel like you are flying like Superman. Jump high and create a dramatic impression on partygoers.



Bounce around on the air pillow Jumbo Jumper

Dress up in superman or super-hero costume

Superman photo booth

Superman coloring pages

Watch Superman movies



Superman logo cakes

Red, yellow, blue fruit: watermelon, pineapple, and blueberries

Kryptonite Cupcakes

Kryptonite melon soda drinks



Red, yellow, blue balloons

Red, yellow, and/or blue table cloth

Red, yellow, and/or blue cups, plates, and utensils


Princess themed-party ideas


Every girl at one point dreams about being a princess. She can jump on the Jumbo Jumper air pillow attraction and play like a princess.



Bounce around on the air pillow Jumbo Jumper

Dress up in princess costume

Princess photo booth

Fairytale book reading

Princess coloring pages

Watch Princess movies



Castle cakes

Pink tiara cookies

Pink Lemonade

Caramel Apple



Crown hats

Sparkly table cloth

Pictures of princesses


Princess flowers  

Cream colored ponies or white pegasus



Who doesn’t want to be Superman? He is humble, but yet handsome and powerful. He understands where he stands to be a superhero: to help people and save the world. One of the greatest gifts is flying.


Princesses are pretty and playful. They like to be the center of attention. Today, her dream will come true.