34.77' X 47.83

5 Panels

Premium Anti UV Air-Pillow (5-Year Warranty) 

34.77' X 57.5'

6 Panels

34.77' X 67.17'

7 Panels







34.77' X 76.17'
8 Panels


All options include:

■ Heavy-duty premium canvas​

■ Industrial grade motor​/blower system
■ Secure anchor system w/simple re-install
■ 1 aluminum safety height sign (24" by 48")
■ 1 aluminum safety rules sign (24" by 36")​​​
■ Essential safety rules on Giant air pillow surface
■ Detailed owners manual (meets all US/Canada)
​■ Daily operational log book​​​ w/free downloads
■ Repair kit upon request
■ Large panels with 2" heavy-duty welded seams
■ 5 year warranty available
■ Pressure relief air supply system
■ Natural soft rock motor/blower enclosure
■ Manufacturers insurance​
​​■​ Public announcemen​​​t ​sys​tem with recording
​■ 7-Day programable timer​​​​​​​
■ Custom one-color logo on pillow surface

■ Customer service, 7 days a week

Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow financing
Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow custom options
Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow safety features
Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow custom logo


Variable speed motor


Off season cover

Size 5


Size 6


Size 7


Size 8


Custom logo multi-color

Bid Required


Custom themes

Bid Required


Individual aluminum safety height sign 24" x 48"



Aluminum safety rules sign 24" x 36"



Individual aluminum safety rule fence sign 12" x 48"




Buy 6 safety rule fence signs get 1 FREE



Additional daily operational log book


Any Size Replacement Giant air-pillow 

$ ?

Bid Required/Any size

■ Prices do not include installation or travel for the Giant air pillow (typically $400-$600 for travel)

■ Install the Jumbo Jumper Giant air pillow yourself. Ask how? 

■ Purchase your Jumbo Jumper Giant air pillow today with credit card, cash, or check

■ Half  payment for Jumbo Jumper Giant air pillow is due upon ordering. Balance due upon installation

■ Any custom size or color for your Jumbo Jumper Giant air pillow is available upon request

■ Replacing your old DIY, Kangaroo Jumper, or Jumping Pillow® canvas is available and easy. Contact us      for a replacement quote with optional self-installation

■ Price does not include shipping and handling. (Estimated $500 in the lower 48 states)

MAiZE members can save up to $2000!  Ask how? 


We LOVE our 2 giant Jumbo Jumper air pillows at the South Texas MAiZE!! Our first was installed about 8 years ago and has been so popular that we installed the second pillow for our 2012 season. The installation crew did a great job, working in a very diligent and efficient manner. We are very pleased with their hard work and the great customer service we have received..!

Ken and Laurie Graff
Graff Family Farm/South Texas MAiZE
Hondo, Texas

Jumping Pillow Jumbo Jumper Air Pillow made in the united states